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Although it is advisable to hope for the best, yet one should be prepared for the worst case scenarios as well to avoid stress after the damage has been done. A car accident can be frightening and very disruptive. 

An accident can cause the drivers and the vehicle owners more hassle and financial burden, even a penalty if not insured. Auto insurance can not only cover the finances required to have the repairs done in case of an accident, but it also covers medical coast for individuals mentioned in the policy.

Why Choose

It’s very important to secure your assets, and if you haven’t invested in insurance coverage, you are left vulnerable, in case of an accident. It is crucial to find the right auto insurance coverage for your vehicle, and it is recommended by experts to get a minimum of four auto insurance quotes before deciding on auto insurance coverage. provides you with the most suitable option available that covers all your individual auto insurance needs in the best way possible. With you can not only compare but also apply for an auto insurance policy. We at are dedicated to our clients, helping them save not only time but also money.

Who Will the Auto Insurance Policy Cover?

Your auto insurance does not only cover you but also family members mentioned on the policy. It is applicable whether the vehicle is your own or someone else’s vehicle is being used by their permission.

Auto Insurance Proof:

You are required by law to carry proof of your auto insurance, Even if you are a taxi driver. An individual could face a penalty of $350 if found guilty of not possessing their proof of Auto insurance. Proof of Auto insurance is also compulsory to;

  • Get your vehicle registered
  • Get a driver’s licence in Texas
  • For renewal of either document
  • When a police officer inquires about it

It’s also required by law that you show this proof of auto insurance during the annual inspection of your vehicle.

Types of Auto Insurance Coverage that we Offer:

What your auto insurance pays for depends on the auto insurance coverage you opt for. A variety of insurance coverage offered by provides protection for loss such as:

  • Damage to property
  • Medical coast
  • Compensation for pain, suffering and injuries.

Depending on the type of coverage you select auto insurance also pays to repair the insured vehicle damaged after an accident.

  1. Liability Coverage:

Liability coverage pays the mentioned set of expenses for the damage you cause to individuals in the opposing car in an accident. The policy is not applicable to a car you do not own. This covers the Medical coast. Liability coverage is a legal requirement in Texas and mostly covers funeral expenses along with the medical cost and lost wages if the injury is serious. It provides suffering and pain compensation besides covering up property damage.

  1. Collision Coverage:

Collision coverage covers the damage if you owe money on the vehicle. This auto insurance will cover by paying either the amount mentioned on insurance declaration or the actual value of the vehicle or the necessary required amount to carry out repair and replacement of the damaged vehicle, whichever of these amounts is less than the other is paid.

  1. Comprehensive coverage:

Comprehensive coverage and collision coverage are very similar, except for that comprehensive coverage covers the repairing or replacing the cost of your vehicle in accident besides a collision. It includes damage due to falling objects, vandalism, fire, hail or any other event other than a collision. The policy might not pay for a car theft unless it has been reported to the police.

  1. Medical Payment coverage:

Medical payment coverage covers medical coast and funeral bills due to an accident. It not only covers you but also family members and other passengers present in the car during an accident.

  1. Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage:

This covers the expenses of an accident that is caused by an uninsured or underinsured motorist.  It will cover damages for injury to body and property if you get caught in an accident that is caused by an individual driver without insurance. Although insurance is mandatory by law in Texas, yet some drivers ignore it. This auto insurance coverage is a good option for added protection.

Requirements of Auto Insurance in Texas:

Before you begin driving a vehicle in Texas, it’s compulsory for you to have auto insurance. By law, you are required to not only purchase but also maintain auto insurance. Texas being a tort state means that the individual is liable for not only an accident but also the injuries and damage due to the accident. Personal auto insurance, however, previously did not cover if you were using your vehicle commercially. Now there are a variety of insurance options which are advisable by us for our clients. Although many ride sharers already provide some degree of auto insurance, it still doesn’t meet all the driving needs of full-time drivers.

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