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What does Home Insurance cover?

Home insurance policies provide different coverage, most common of these are:

  • Provide coverage for the home structure (building or the house).
  • Provide coverage to our belongings (disaster or theft).
  • ALE- Additional Living Expenses.
  • Provide Liability protection.

1. Home structure Coverage:

This house insurance policy covers the repair and rebuilding of your home in case the damage is done by:

  • Fire
  • Hail
  • Hurricane
  • Lightning
  • Other disasters mentioned in the policy

Some policies provide insurance coverage to detached structures as well as the tool shed, gazebo and garage etc. While purchasing house insurance it is best to opt for enough coverage that will rebuild the home if needed.

2. Personal Belonging Coverage:

This covers personal items as well as sports equipment, furniture and clothes in case any of the items get stolen or is destroyed by a disaster such as a hurricane or fire. The policy covers almost a 50 to 60% of your house insurance on the structure. The coverage for personal belongings involves all items that are kept off premises. Off-premises in this regard will cover your belongings around the world. There are financial limitations on expensive items such as fur, jewellery art, silverware and other collectables in case these get stolen.  The standard homeowners’ insurance also covers

Types of Policies for Home Owners in Texas:

1. All-Risk Policies:

These offer a wide range of protection coverage.

2. Named Peril Policies:

These are also called specific peril coverage offers relatively narrow protection as compared to all risk policy.

3. Replacement Cost:

It is the cost the owner pays in order to rebuild or repair their house. This cost is based on the current expenditure and cost of construction.

4. Actual Value of Cash:

This is the cost that you will be paying in order to replace and rebuild your property after deducting the depreciation.

5. Renters house insurance policy:

The landlord might have house insurance, but it will not cover your personal belongings as a renter. Renters insurance can be availed by those that do not own a home.

Pinnaclemultiservices.com provides a variety of house insurance policy options to homeowners in Texas. We provide our clients with more options and flexibility in choosing the deductible, limits and coverage they want for their home insurance.


Home insurance is used to provide financial protection to homeowners in case of damage or loss to their belongings and property. The exact coverage of home insurance varies from policy to policy. Liability protection is also included in the insurance policy in case someone gets injured on the owner’s property. At  pinnaclemultiservices.com you can choose the best suitable option to protect the most valuable assets you hold.

Why is Home Insurance Necessary?

Certain geographical locations are at a greater risk due to weather conditions. In case of requesting a mortgage on a home, it is requested by the bank that the homeowner provides proof of insurance on the property. Generally, the policy covers interior and exterior damage, injury on the property, loss of personal belongings and damage of assets. There is a liability limit to the homeowner’s house insurance policy. This limit will, later on, determine how much amount will the insurance cover in case an unfortunate event occurs. 

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trees and plants plus shrubs as well. The coverage, however, does not apply in case of a disease or poor maintenance of the plants.

3. Liability Protection:

Liability protection will cover you financially against lawsuits in case of injury or damage to other people’s property caused by a member of your family or you yourself. The liability protection will pay for your defence in court. The payment, however, is limited to the amount stated in policy documents. Liability protection policy also gives a medical coverage; this means that if a neighbour or your friend faces an injury in your home, the medical bills for their injuries can be submitted to the insurance company. Medical bills for pets and your own family are exempted from this policy.

4. Additional Living Expenses (ALE):

An additional living expense covers the expenditure of living away from your home in case of damage to your home caused by a natural disaster. ALE will cover restaurant meals, the hotel bills and other expenses. ALE coverage has limits in the home owner’s policy; it might even have a time limitation.

What Home Insurance Doesn’t Cover?

Although all home insurance covers disasters of different types relevant to damage, yet exceptions are present. There are certain disasters that are covered by separate insurance policy. Renters insurance can be availed by those that do not own a home.  

  • Earthquake
  • Floods
  • Problems related to maintenance of home

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